Kat Scratch

Kathy Liebert - Professional Poker Player

  My birthday is coming up on Oct.1.  I will go to my favorite restaraunt for dinner.  Kokomos has the best lobster which also happens to be my favorite food, but only with creamy lemmon butter sauce they have at Kokokmos.  yummy

Feeling good

I just got back from the Commerce where I finished 32.  Before that I was at the Borgata where I finished 29th.  Although certainly not my best showings, I have never felt so confident at the poker table.  At times, I know I play very well, other times I  found myself making decisions that in hindsight didn’t make sense.  I’ve been playing poker for years and am usually confident at the table but lately it is more than that.  I know I am making the right plays and reading situations well.  I was feeling like I should be in London competing at the WSOPE but I need to not overdo it and if I can play my best at Bellagio and Foxwoods, I am feeling like I have a great chance.  


Wow,  Main event starts Sunday for me.  3 cahses at WSOP, but most important one coming up.  I will tweet updates, username- pokerkat. 

Bay 101

I had a lot of fun at Bay 101.  I was very confident the whole tournament and was overall happy with how I played.  I did get a bit frustrated at the final table as I got unlucky against Steve three handed when my AK lost to his AQ, for a 4 millon pot but battled back to a decent stack 3 handed and played a solid game.  It was great having so many fans, and supporters and I wanted to win for the women who were rooting for me  as much as for myself.  It was a very long final table and we played 3 handed a long time.  Heads up, Steve had great timing in that I had a few big hands when he had nothing and had pretty weak hands when he showed aggression, so I have to make another WPT final table and maybe 7th time is the charm.  I have done very well at Foxwoods and have family nearby who can come root me on when I make the final table.  I also, have the Bellagio 25 k coming up which is not nearly as grueling as the play starts at noon and ends at 9 on day 1 with a day off.  So, I know I am playing well and will have a great year this year plus be in better shape, so I will take some time off after Bellagio and get ready for the WSOP. 

Getting in Shape

After seeig the WPT Niagara Falls, I realized it’s true what they say about the camera adding 10 pounds.  The last five years, I’ve had a lot of top finishes but poker has been my life and I let my discipline in some other areas like eating right and exercising falter.  So, lately I’ve been determined to eat healthier and get in shpae.  I must say I feel better than ever and after I began eating healthier I enjoy it a lot more.  I never appreciated fish, salad, or healthy food before as I was used to junk but know that I’m getting used to it, I don’t crave the junk as much and am enjoying foods that I never thought I would.  So, I’m determined to get in better shape by the WSOP.  I am very motivated and know that anything you really put your mind to can be achieved.  Stamina will be important at the WSOP with long days, so those that eat healthy, exercise and sleep enough will be at a big advantage.  Although, I feel great, my poker game was at it’s worst yesterday.  I was playing with a loose aggressive player, he was winning by raising and rerasing a lot.  Well, I check raised him on the flop of 884 with pocket 33, he reraised me and I was thinking, he doesn’t have an 8 here, and I called thinking that might shut him down.  I checked the 9 on the turn and he checked behind me.  A 5 on the river, and I check agian hoping to just show it down.  He bet almost my stack size, and I was thinking he doesn’t have an 8, so would he value bet a pair.  I thought he was weak but I can only beat a complete bluff, I went against my instincts and folded and he showed q high.  That reminds me in poker you have to pay attention, be focused and go with your reads even if it means making a tough call sometimes.  I’m going to Reno in a couple days.  I think I will go skiing and then play the 3k, before heading to Bay 101 for the WPT.